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Dreamworld names new tiger cubs

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dreamworld has named the Gold Coast theme park's two new tiger cubs.

The cubs, born last month, have been named Melati and Mya.

Melati is an Indonesian name meaning "Jasmine flower" while Mya is an ancient name of various origins, which essentially means "beloved" or "great".

Dreamworld's head of life sciences Al Mucci said the cubs were in good health and have moved from a post-natal care facility to a nursery den where the public can view the tigers through windows.

"Like all newborns, the sisters are still sleeping for large parts of the day," Mr Mucci said.

"But when they're awake, they're becoming more alert and more active every day."

Both cubs have doubled in weight since they were born and now weigh 3.66kgs and 3.36kgs each.

It's anticipated the cubs will begin interacting with park guests sometime in March.

Source: AAP